Welcome to Beardsy, your one-stop shop for all things beard-related. Just call us the one-stop beard shop if you’re into the whole brevity thing. Seriously we’re in the business of catering to our no-shave brothers and beard lovers.


Want the greatest beard oil on the market? We got that. Want beard t-shirts for both men and women that tell the world you’re in love with the beard? We got that too. Want a pet mouse to live in your beard – we definitely don’t have that, what are ya nuts?


We were inspired to create this website when, through our travels, we found there were men who were afraid to let their beards hang out. Through beard-shaming, lack of confidence and just lack of beard grooming they had truly become lost.


Well our bearded brothers, we are here to tell you no more! Let your beautiful beard hang free. We offer a large range of beard care products including the best beard oil recipe around. We also offer beard-themed apparel for you to tell the world, “I’m bearded and I’m proud!”


Let it be known: there is no beard trend. This is not a fad that is here today and gone tomorrow. Rather, you are witness to the full-on revival of the beard. Every day, more and more men are joining the ranks and making a conscious decision to let the razors rust and embrace what Mother Nature intended – LET OUR BEARDS GROW!


Facial hair is a true expression of who you are, deep down. We here at Beardsy make sure to honor that expression – especially with our Beard of the Week competition which has been running strong since 2014.


Just like our beards, Beardsy is growing every day and currently serves beards from over 43 countries with thousands upon thousands of followers.


So pull up a chair, my friend, let your beard hang out. You’re welcome here.

Best Beard Oils

“There is an intrinsic connection between a man and his beard. Men make a definitive decision to grow, nurture, and groom a beard. When bearded men talk about their facial hair, it’s obvious there is a connection and feeling of pride. Men are inherently visual, to wear their masculinity on their face is as manly as it gets.”


 There is art and then there is fine art... There are beards and then there are fine beards... When you successfully merge the two it becomes known as "Beardistry".

We present to you Mr. Beard'O!



Beardsy Blog 411

Dude Waxed His Baby Beard!

August 29, 2015

Full Moon Sale! First 1000 Shoppers get $15 Off $55 + Buy 1 Get 2 Free! Includes Free Shipping!^ Puritan's Pride brand. Code: FULMOON. Ends 8/30 11:59 PM PST.

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Bearded Man Eats 'Record' 17 Big Macs In An Hour

August 24, 2015

It's not 69 hot dogs, but it's a start. YouTube competitive eater Adam Moran wolfed down 17 McDonald's Big Macs in an hour last month, a gut-busting challenge that he recently said left him doubling over in pain. Checks Unlimited | 30% Off SecureMyID Products In a fast-forwarded video, Moran -- also known as Beard Meats Food -- seems to hit a wall after about 10 Big Macs, 20 minutes in. He doesn't quite reach his goal of 25, but he still pays the ultimate gustatory price. "As soon as I'm done, I regret it," he wrote on his blog Sunday. "That night, I couldn't sleep, I had the most intense stomach ache of my admittedly short career, and I ask myself...

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10 Types of Men That Women Find Attractive

August 24, 2015

Women are not the only ones who fix themselves up to be attractive to the opposite sex. We can’t be alone in this battle, you have to throw us a bone, too. It’s time to get self-conscious! Just kidding. Be that as it may, there are definitely things that you are doing (or can start doing) that make you attractive. Maybe these will help enhance your game or give you that added push to throw you back into the game. Want to know what they are and see if you’re already in the exclusively attractive group? Here are the certain types of men that women find very attractive — take heed and you’re sure to gain some points with us. 1. You...

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