“There is an intrinsic connection between a man and his beard. Men make a definitive decision to grow, nurture, and groom a beard. When bearded men talk about their facial hair, it’s obvious there is a connection and feeling of pride. Men are inherently visual, to wear their masculinity on their face is as manly as it gets.”


 There is art and then there is fine art... There are beards and then there are fine beards... When you successfully merge the two it becomes known as "Beardistry".

We present to you Mr. Beard'O!



Beardsy Blog 411

How to grow a beard of bees

May 20, 2015

. How to grow a beard of bees - because who doesn't want 10,000 stinging insects on their face? You'll need to stay calm, pick bees with a good temperament and prepare to be stung a few times. Video loading Bee beards. How do you get one of those? It's something we've all been wondering. The stunt was pioneered by the founder of commercial beekeeping, Petro Prokopovynch in the 19th century and has been repeated by daredevils around the world. It’s a simple concept, but for the uninitiated it involves attracting a swarm of bees (around 10,000 of them) to settle on your chin and chest in the style of a large, bushy beard. But instead of hair (or, in...

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UK man gets friends’ pubes glued to his face for strange bucks party

May 19, 2015

.  A GROOM has been given what could possibly be the filthiest buck’s party makeover ever.   UK man Mark Longley was gaffer taped to a wheelchair wearing nothing but a nappy, massive clown shoes and a new glued-on beard, which covered most of his face. The Mirror reports that the bizarre looking facial hair was actually a collection of pubic hair belonging to ’20 to 40 men’. Curly ones ... Mark was on his way to the bucks party on a public train. Picture: Facebook Source: Facebook  “I was honoured and thought it was very nice of him ... but also very silly because he’s now on his stag do, on a train to Bognor, gaffer taped to a wheelchair,...

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Shit Beard Debunked, but here's what you can find in a Man's Beard!

May 06, 2015

By now you've probably seen or if not, there's a wave of articles from multiple media outlets saying "beards are filled with poop" from a study claiming that beards carry “the kinds of bacteria that you find in feces". A quick google search will show you all these “shit beard” articles like this one here on The Journal.  This rumor has been debunked on Snopes, and in spite of what the critics and "Beard Haters" say, if you date a man with a beard, you'll be competing with his facial hair!  Even though the "shit beard" rumor has been dispelled, we wanted to show you what you can indeed find in a Man’s Beard… Check out our dear friend Mr. Beard’O.  I looked...

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