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is an intrinsic connection between a man and his beard. Men make a definitive decision to grow, nurture, and groom a beard. When bearded men talk about their facial hair, it’s obvious there is a connection and feeling of pride. Men are inherently visual, to wear their masculinity on their face is as manly as it gets.”




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What A Beard In The White House Would Mean For America

April 18, 2015

I'd like to take a moment to point out something that has been right under our noses this whole time yet we've failed to notice. A solution, if you will, to our nation's (that's America by the way) problem. Let me pose a question. When was the last time an incumbent President of the Unites States sported a beard? How about any facial hair for that matter? The answer might surprise you: William Howard Taft who left office in 1913! That's over a 100 years ago and he only had a mustache. Come on, America! The last president to wear a full beard was Benjamin Harrison in 1893 (ok, so nobody remembers him and he had a pretty unremarkable presidency...

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The Lumbersexual’s Guide to Decorating

April 17, 2015

You may have seen him in neighborhoods around Williamsburg, Silver Lake or Portland. At first glance, this lumbersexual appears rugged and outdoorsy. In reality, a lumbersexual lives in the city and drinks $7 cold-brewed coffee. Many have speculated what exactly a lumbersexual is, and the answer is elusive. Behind his plaid flannel shirts, slim-cut jeans and bushy beard is an urban male who has evolved beyond his tidy, well-groomed previous persona: the metrosexual. He is a beacon of masculinity. With his blue-collar aesthetic, he appears to be plucked from a remote forest. However, the lumbersexual enjoys the refined taste of micro-brewed alcohols, artisanal sausages and the best amenities modern living has to offer. He is truly a paradox. But what...

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Man Uses Absurdly Random Items To Fill In The Other Half Of His Beard (Photos)

April 10, 2015

Hopping on the hipster bandwagon and rocking a badass beard is a big commitment. Growing out your facial hair takes a lot of time and effort, so you really can’t get away with doing a half-assed job. Unless, of course, you are Adriano Alarcon. After growing out his luscious facial locks for months, this art director from São Paolo did the unthinkable: He shaved off half of his glorious hipster beard in the name of art. But hey, I guess that’s better than hacking off an ear, right? For his project, Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop, Alarcon used his half beardless face as a blank canvas and filled the baby smooth side of his face with variety of random objects to complete his quirky facial ‘dos.  His hairy photo...

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